Work from Home Adaptations

Today, we are all thrown under mandatory work-from-home situation. The world scenario under the COVID-19 epidemic is changing by the day and working from home is seen as the safest way to stay away from unwanted invitations.

Though work-from-home is not a new fad, yet, a concept that has been practised in various countries as a default pattern, by a chunk of the population. But, when every other individual is made to work from home under obligatory measures, we need to concentrate on certain activities that can bring the right comfort and productivity working from home.

If you think, the situation outside is going to resume to normal soon, you are pretty optimistic, but it is good to prepare for undue last moment extensions. We delve here into the basics of getting your home aligned to a workplace.


Getting a workspace is putting together a comfortable table, chair, your laptop or desktop and bringing all the electrical controls to support it. A stable and high-speed internet connection is a life line necessity. Dedicate a certain space in the home as your workspace and don't keep changing grounds. Sofas, couches, floor and beds are the worst places to sit and work. Even if you are not in an official set-up try to create something close to that.


Your workspace should be located in a calm place, but don't even think about your bed, even if you are operating from your bedroom. Choose a place that is away from noise and distractions to work dedicatedly.


Ergonomic studies have proved that bad posture can lead to a lot of health ailments in the long run. You might sit in one position for a couple of hours without realizing you are straining your back and neck. Ensure you are sitting on a comfortable chair. An executive chair is the best for the long run, however, for the need-based scenario, use a chair that gives you a firm posture and good support to your back. If needed, throw in a cushion to support your back. Stay off couches and cozy seating arrangements as you might no sooner drift to sleep.

Stand and work if your setup permits. If not, stand and take rounds as much as your home space permits. Sitting in one position for long could be painful in the long run.


Dull and dark spaces could make you drain out on energy. Setup your workspace where there is ample natural light and good ventilation. If you are in a day and night working set-up, ensure the artificial lighting well supports your workspace.


A good way to start working from home is to keep the clutter at bay. Clutter on your desk will only distract you. Ensure you have temporary arrangements made for stashing your files, stationery and other office supplies. Keep it handy so it can be retrieved as and when required.


Last but not the least, allot work hours. If you are working for a corporate or establishment, working hours will be still restricted. However, for business owners or entrepreneurs, allot specific work hours for focused work. At the end of the day, working from home comes with the perk of being closer to your loved ones and make the most use of it.


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