Trendy Kitchen & Vibrant Color Schemes

Kitchens are a central part of the home. While some are pretty busy, some sit idle and chic. Making your kitchen wear a different look that is not so common, is what we are covering under this blog.

Ever though, why have a regular kitchen? Who said, only wood colors, whites and brown are the ideal colors for your kitchen cabinets? Why not think a little off the regular and experiment with your kitchen? Wait till you explore all the options here, and you will be certainly be planning your new kitchen or a kitchen makeover.

Going Black

Black is being bold. Black is being contemporary. Bring black in glossy or matt to make a definitive statement in your kitchen. Black looks sophisticated and also pure and clear. If you are not much fond of black, but still want to make an ebony statement, alternate it with ivory shades for a milder version of sophistication.


Go for the tangerine colors, the variants of yellow or orange. Right from the sunny lemon shade to the bright orange. And if you think, that's too much of warm color for your kitchen, bring in the milder shades or contrast to mellow the effect.

Greys and white complement the warm colors and different combinations can be explored.

Attractive Reds

If you can handle it right, bring in the bolder reds for your cabinets. Reds would look good with spacious kitchen and minimal structures. Red is an energetic color and comes across as very modern. If you want to mild the effect, club it with subtle off-white or white like the cherry and cream combination.

Going Green

Green is vibrant and refreshing. Make greens the color of your kitchen by clubbing the green variants. Green ensures a cool and fresh setup but. can be dull and boring if a singular shade is repeated. Alternate green with patterns to create a pleasing and attractive kitchen.

Ivory and Peaches

Sporting ivory and peaches is a very bold move. Having the ivory and peaches in your kitchen means heavy maintenance and cleaning, but, the stunning and sophisticated look that it will present will a style statement.

Mellow Greys

Bring down all the pomp and glow by choosing greys for your displays. Greys are calm and sober, yet simplistically attractive. Club your greys with whites, turquoise, yellows or a color of your choice and make the greys more attractive.

Going Vibrant

Choose vibrant colors for your kitchen cabinets, who has stopped you? Purples, blues, magentas or maroons, play it single or club it with contrasting colors to a display of your choice.

When you are using vibrant colors, it is advisable to use them as pop colors or with white or off-white as the major color theme. These striking and colorful kitchens will certainly catch some eyeballs.

Neat Browns

No one said browns are not allowed, but instead of going for a dull and boring regular look, try for textures and depth to create a rugged or a classic kitchen of your choice.

Try any variation, but sport your creativity and your choice of display.


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