Small Bedroom Design Ideas

A bedroom is an everyday utility space, just like your kitchen and drawing-room. Most of the times the purpose of the bedroom can be much beyond just sleeping. A house with multiple bedrooms can appear creative with different décor ideas. However, in the case of a smaller bedroom or guest bedroom, a lot can be done to make them look interesting.

Let us explore here some ideas that you can incorporate in your bedrooms for cosy and comfortable living.

Placing your bed against the window

Placing your bed against the window will ensure ample sunlight and a natural extension to your room. A bed against the window will enhance the dimension of the room, making it look brighter and comparably larger.

Going minimalistic

Use of least objects to make a space look bigger. Going minimalistic in a small bedroom is just being comfy around a bed and a side table and the other small items of utility you might need around.

White is the way

The power of white can be witnessed in a small bedroom. Bring in white to dominate the walls, linen and drapes and see the magic makes spaces appear bright and bigger.

Built-in shelves

Make the use of faucets or the space behind the bed to make built-in-shelves. Utilize these shelves for display or for storage.

Storage below the bed

If you are bored of the box bed format of storage, make the storage below the bed appear stylish by stashing in some drawers. Care to think about the maintenance and right placement to make the room look clutter-free.

Floating shelves

Make use of floating shelves to occupy lesser floor space. Floating shelves in minimalistic designs look trendy as well as serve the purpose and utility.


Floor lamp shades look clutter-free at the base and hence give the idea of more space. Utilize this idea to make tiny rooms well-lit as well as spacious.

Hanging lights

Hanging lights or ceiling fit lamps also consume no floor spaces and enhance the look and feel of the tiny bedroom.

Minus headboard

Headboards could appear pretty intimidating in a small bedroom. At the same time, a large bedroom can easily camouflage a large headboard. So, for smaller spaces, you can preferably minus the headboard.

Wall art

Don't put a huge life-size painting in a small bedroom. It will dominate the whole room. In spite, be choosy in selecting smaller, multiple and equally beautiful art.


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