Pet Friendly Homes

The transition of families from kids to pets is an ongoing trend. The working couples are opting for pets over children for the grave necessity of responsibility. However, raising a pet is also not a very easy job. It all starts from making your home adaptable to pets.

Most of the people opt for dogs and cats as yet. Guinea pigs, fishes, birds and snakes are also choices some make, but they all can be held in tanks and cages. What we discuss here is in the interest of the dog and cat pet owner fraternities. This blog explains how you can make your homes pet friendly.

Rugs & carpets

Indian homes make less use of rugs and carpets. However, if you are using the rugs and carpets make sure you have a vacuum cleaner or a lint cleaner that can come handy in cleaning the dropped hairs. Upholstered sofa sets and surfaces would also need to be kept clean from time to time.

Wooden and tiled flooring are the best options for a house with pets.


What colors are your wall? If you are sporting bold white and neutral walls, ensure that you color them right. Pug marks and stains are the usual stuff that is common for homes with children and pets. Color the walls bright or be happy to sport the stains.

Wall papers could come handy in doing a neat and quick job of decorating, but be aware that dogs love to bite off the edges of the paper and you can have your own artistic design. Make sure to paste the edges right so your wallpaper is a design element and not your pet’s toy.

play area

Like you have a children’s play area, work out a play area for your pets that is their own space to play. Scatter their toys and rug and all that they love in this space and they know it is their domain.


If your home is an exhibition of expensive fabrics, think again. Your pet does not know what has gone in to the buying and would be glad nibbling at it. Delicate fabrics like silk, velvet and satin should be stashed away. Shear curtains should be avoided. Make couches safe by spreading another sheet on it through the day.


Pets have the habit of licking things around. Cleanliness is of utmost important for you as well as your pet. Ensure clean homes with disinfectants that are odorless and natural.


If your house is a display ground of artefacts, its time you give in to your desire to flaunt them and keep them locked and safe. Pets love to jump over and claim ground, then it could be a floor, rug, couch or a table you flaunt your artefacts on.

Hard corners

Like children’s safe furniture, ensure your furniture does not have sharp edges. Pets too are prone to get hurt like your children could.

Plugs & switches

Ensure the plugs and switches are not in the easy reach of your pets. They wouldn’t know what it is before toying.


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