Mirrors that decorate your homes

As humans have progressed over the years and understood the importance of their looks and appearing presentable, mirrors have been a vital part of our lives. Mirrors are our world to truth and come to make doubly sure our existence. Long since, mirrors have just not been a household utility, but Indian artisans have made use of a mirror for decorations. The trend was adapted to present mirror in different forms of interiors design to make spaces look lively, enhance their appeal, as well as make spaces look larger.

Today mirrors are not just part of our dressing tables, but come to adorn our households in many ways. Different adaptations present here to showcase the various ways in which mirrors can be used to define spaces.


"Lippan Kaam", an art form originated from Kutch makes use of mirrors and clay to decorate walls. These intricate designs are ethnic and very flattering. Made to dazzle, this traditional form of Kutchi work can be used to design spaces at home.


Lifesize mirrors are adapted to enhance spaces by making them appear large. These spaces are confined or crammed and a life-size mirror can make them look double the size by creating a mere illusion. Dining areas at home and restaurants make the use of this idea to accentuate spaces. The lights that are used in these spaces should be carefully chosen as it might double the effect with mirrors.


Mirrors are good space amplifiers. Using mirrors at a strategic location in the house can bring in a visually impactful effect. Positioning the mirror in the line of your ambient light around or opposite the windows can amplify the light in the room and make it appear bigger.


Mirrors can be adapted to cabinet doors creatively for impactful and beautiful designs. Wardrobe doors can be fitted with mirrors to make the room appear large as well as to avoid extra space required for dressing tables.


Door panels fit with a mirror can make for a beautiful design element as well as give an illusion of enhancing space. These visually appealing doors can be creatively decorated around different door panelling options for attractive displays.


Rest a mirror behind your bed and make your bedrooms look brighter and larger. Sneak in to look at yourself in the mirror, innocent while trying to catch some sleep or when you are up early in the morning.


How about bringing different shapes and size of mirrors as artefacts or mementoes or mirrors crafted to your taste to dress up a wall for a big and brilliant display. If you are crafting the mirrors yourself ensure that they come in a monotone of colours for better visual effects.

Light your homes with mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Remember not to overdo mirrors as they create illusions that will overcomplicate and amplify your decor.


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