Know These Things While Buying New Curtains

Curtains protect your home from the dust, pollution, and stares. The major intent for having curtains at home is to seclude the home from the outside elements, creating an ambience within that is cozy and comfortable.

Curtains not only serve this basic purpose, but they have been used for decorative purpose and enhance the look and feel of the place. Different materials, patterns and colour hues can be used to make your home look the mood you want to set.

The materials differentiate the curtain and drapes. Curtain are lighter material, fancy and more of a decorative element. Whereas drapes are thick and opaque material majorly used to block light and heat. We also have the blinds and shades and the requirement of each room decides what can go where as well as what will enhance the decor.


Cotton material sport a rugged look in curtains and can provide a variety of bright colored options. Cotton curtains can deck up a basic décor and can be clubbed with antique or contemporary style furniture. They blend in the basic to offer a very calm, cosy and lively space. Cotton curtains are also easy on maintenance and budget.


Sheers are trendy and make a room look warm and bright. Sheers are often clubbed with modern décor and with a heavy set of curtains. Sheers can allow just the right light to enter your room, as well give it a beatific look. Sheers are high on maintenance and heavy on pocket, yet value for money.

Heavy Fabrics

The heavy fabrics have been designed to cut out the sunlight as well as reduce the temperature in the room. These curtains can go in any bedroom and add a definite value. Choose your textures, patterns and colours and remain assured that they will offer you only comfort. As these fabrics are heavy on weight there is a definite maintenance involved.


Colours perk up spaces but should be used judiciously. A good balance of colour across the décor means visually soothing spaces. Bold or patterned, these curtains can be used as solo or clubbed together to give more dimension to the décor. If your room furniture is sporting lot of texture, then stick to bold colours. If your room furniture and walls are plain, some textures and patterns would make the room look appealing. A good combination of contrasts or complementary colours can be chosen as per your room decor.


A simple stitched curtain could be as purposeful as a designed one. However, if you wish to make your curtains look more attractive, you may opt for pleats, valence, lace, or embellishments as add-ons. All this and more to make your curtains appear rich and grand.

While You Buy Your New Curtains:

✔ When you choose any curtain, give it a protective lining so that it covers the main curtain from dust, sun, and early fading and lasts longer.

✔ Vacuum clean, dry clean or wash your curtain in few months to keep off all the dust and allergies.

✔ Make sure what you choose as a curtain material and pattern looks harmonious to your home décor and serves the purpose of both protection and decoration.


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