Keeping Away Mosquitoes Naturally

Are you hosting an outdoor dinner party? You have the guest list ready, but here's how you can keep these uninvited guests away!

Parties are a good reason to be together. If you are thinking of hosting a party outdoors on your lawn, make sure you are not giving in to the pesky pests. Especially evenings are the time these pests are at their most lively and attacking. Your fun party moments and precious time should not be lost to these undue guests, who might steal your show.

A mosquito bite will not only leave you itchy, but also make your skin sore and develop into health issues like Dengue and Malaria, which could be life-threatening, if not handled well. Given the seriousness of the effects these pests can have and considering you cannot give up on an outdoor location to throw a party, we have a solution that will naturally ease your worries.

We recommend here a few plants that you can use as your outdoor décor that have been known to be natural mosquito and pest repellants.


Marigolds are common ornamental plants and come with vibrant coloured flowers. They not only make for some attractive displays but also have the quality of warding off pests.

Marigold plant contains a chemical called pyrethrum, which is adapted to making insect repellants industrially.

Having the Marigold plants in the near vicinity can naturally drive the pests away.


This plant can never be a miss. Garlic is an indoor plant that can be grown in any kitchen. The garlic plant has a strong quality of keeping pests away due to its pungent smell. It can not only guard you against mosquitoes, but sure helps you in your kitchen when you have run out of garlic.


This is yet another indoor plant that is common to all Indian homes. Basil is not only a kitchen herb, but a strong mosquito repellent. The plant is extremely toxic to insect larvae and can control the insect egg hatching.

You can have an indoor basil garden and especially keep the planters around water bodies in the house.

Basil as herb comes handy for different uses in the Indian kitchens.


This is an indoor plant from the mint family that is highly effective in keeping off mosquitoes. The lemony scent of the plant can be a trigger to the mosquitoes, and they keep themselves at bay.

The best quality of this plant is it reseeds and multiplies on its own and does not need to be planted.


Citronella is also referred to as the mosquito plant. The smell of the crushed leaves keeps the mosquitoes at bay. The citronella plant extract is used to prepare bug sprays and insect repellants.

It is highly effective when crushed and applied to the skin. However, having the plants around with their sweet smell can keep the mosquitoes out of your radar.


Lavender are scented geraniums that not only protect you from mosquitoes but also make a visually appealing garden. Have the lavenders in your regular garden to create a bright spot in your home and to keep away the mosquitoes.

Party or No-Party, these plants are highly effective in keeping mosquitoes and pests away, and should be planted in every indoor garden.


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