Ideas to hide the ugly cracks on your walls

Cracks often start to develop once walls are not under care. Fine lines are ok, but major cracks should not be avoided as they could be the reason for serious troubles down the seasons. Even new walls sometimes show up cracks. Painting or renovating the walls now and then is not feasible and of course a cost bearing option.

What do we do then to bring the cracks under control or more so to hide them till you are prepared for the next renovation?

Frame the Cracks

Bring in a myriad of frames and scatter them all across the wall taking off all the attention from the cracks. Choose your family photographs or some paintings or theme-based pictures to spruce up your dull and cracked wall.

Under the Wallpaper

A fast and efficient way to cover all the cracks and peels is to hide them under wonderful wallpapers. The wallpapers come in normal and waterproof variants. Waterproof wallpapers come handy with leaked & cracked walls and save the trouble of renovating. Choose from a plethora of wallpapers suiting your style and colour preference and hide all the ugly cracks like they were never there before.

Sticker Art

Get the exclusively designed wall stickers to cover-up the cracks. Opt for theme-based stickers for a uniform and enhanced look.

Paint with Patterns

Bring in a wall-art painter to paint in some serious art or make a great graffiti wall all by yourself. After all, you are on a mission to hide the cracks.

Textured Walls

Bring out the artist in you by exploring the different texture roll-ons you can buy handy at the paint store. Create your style and shine.

Craft Time

Check for DIY craft ideas to decorate your walls. From flowers to butterflies and much beyond. Not only doing this activity will perk your cracked walls, but will also be a very satisfying decorative experience.

Large Mirror to Rescue

Serve a dual purpose by putting up a large mirror against the cracked wall. This will not only hide the cracks but also make your room appear spacious.

Palette Board Showcase

Bring in used wooden palette to hang on the cracked walls as a display board.

Exquisite Wall Hangings

Spice up the cracked wall with the aid of colourful wall hangings or feathered dream catchers. You can also use designed/ embroidered fabric as a wall spread to hide the cracks.

Brick Walls

Bring the raw yet classy brick walls to replace your cracked walls. The bare un-plastered brick walls will not leave any scope for cracks and elevate the decor.

Behind The Heavy Furniture

Bring in the support of some heavy yet interesting furniture to hide the cracks. A bookshelf or a glass display cabinet will not only bring a fancy to the boring wall but will also divert your attention from the cracks.

Whatever ideas you indulge in remember let the cracks not fester beyond a certain time frame. Keep a check on them and maintain them in time for a safe and good living.


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