Home woes and home solutions

Your kitchen can be a pandoras box if you go to hunt for a treasure and yes, we are talking about a treasure that is in fact a home remedy to many of your everyday problems. Come let us explore some of the very easy and home-based hacks that can save your day and also money. Home maintenance in an authentic and easy way at using your very own stuff from the kitchen.


Vinegar serves a lot of purposes other than being an ingredient in food. Vinegar can be used to clean shower and tap faucets to clear it of the accumulated sticky dirt and grime. Vinegar can even be used to clean utensils and surface areas. Dip smaller stuff in vinegar or use it with dish soap to clean the dirtiest and grimiest surfaces.

Vinegar has mild acidic properties and can act effectively on dirty surfaces, for unclogging drains and for deodorizing.


Eat it or use it as a shining solution for your metals. The acidic quality of tomatoes can be used efficiently to clean and shine your precious metals including silver, brass and copper. Keep the metals immersed in the ketchup for a short while and wash them off. Find the same shine and shimmer in your metals as they appear new. Beware, not to keep the metals for a long time in the ketchup as they might have adverse acidic effects.

Ketchups have also been used to shine cars and alloys!! So go ahead and shine your metals at home now.


Coke is unusually known for its cleaning qualities. The acidic quality of coke is positively utilized as a cleaning agent. Coke has been very effective in cleaning toilet pots and window panes. Coke can be sprayed on window panes and then scrubbed. Soak the toilet pot in coke for a considerable time and then wash it off to remove the stickiness and get a sparkling pot.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a multipurpose ingredient in many baking and cooking preparations. Baking Soda is a part of every household kitchen and can come to rescue across different cleaning requirements. However, baking soda when clubbed with vinegar can come as a strong cleaning agent. Baking soda can come to clean utensils, kitchen surfaces, get the foul smell out of fridge, remove stains from plastic containers as well as for cleaning vegetables and fruits. De-clog a drain or even deodorize your smelly shoes or laundry or take out the grim greasy spots from any surface. Baking soda can be used on different mediums not only as a deodorizer but a very effective cleaning agent.

Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oil, a household utility can be used to scrub surfaces that are greasy and grimy. Vegetable oils can be applied on a cleaning sponge and then rubbed on the grimy surface; to have the thick stains to come off easily.

Few drops of vegetable oil can be used to polish your leather shoes when you are running out of shoe polish and brushes. Vegetable oil as a shoe polish will make your shoes shine as if they are brand new.


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