Home Grown Veggies

Container vegetable gardens are becoming a fad for city homes today. With cities growing vertically, there is less scope for having a full-fledged garden. All that remains is the flower-bed or balconies that are your spaces to explore. A lot can thus be created around flowerbeds and balconies if there is a desire and time.

We will see some feasible ideas here for balcony veggie gardens and their easy maintenance.

Vines & climbers

Vines and climbers are the best option for balcony gardens. The vines can be controlled on mesh or grills in a vertical direction thus optimizing space. Bitter gourd, gourd, cucumber, pumpkin and melon are some of the options that can be explored. Vines and climbers are delicate and require some care and also right amount of sunlight. Make sure you use the right soil mixes that are rich in compost to yield good veggies.


Consumable roots can be easy pot fixes. They can be grown in various pots of varying heights. The plant above is not so big and therefore easily manageable. Potato, radish, beetroot, carrots, ginger and elephant foot can be pot planted. Ensure the right mix of soil, as potatoes specifically requires loose and loamy soil for better growth.


Tomato is a vital vegetable/ fruit in every kitchen. How about picking a balcony fresh tomato from your own garden to cook? Tomatoes are easy to grow and maintain. Plant seeds or wedges of tomatoes 2-3 inches below the soil and be patient while you nurture it. You will be amazed to see the product that is your own making.


Herb garden is also a fancy or hobby people sport in their balcony gardens. Herbs can be planted in decorative planters to bring a glamour to your balcony garden. Herb seeds are easy to source and can be a full-fledged resource to your kitchen. Coriander, mint, cilantro, parsley & basil are some of the options that can be explored.

There are quiet some technological adaptations at growing herb indoors. Along with the default method of growing in soil, herbs can also be grown in self-watering smart planters that captures the condensation in the air and waters the plant. Herb gardens can sit on the ground or can be put in hanging planters to make the maximum use of space.

Salad leaves

Do not waste the root of the lettuces, instead plant them in soil pots to cultivate another batch of fresh and crispy salad leaves.

Leafy Vegetables

Use vertical spaces of your balcony walls to plant leafy vegetables. Of course, with a little study, proper soil and compost conditioning and maintenance, a beautiful vertical garden of your favorite leafy vegetables can be handy in your balcony itself.

Balcony vegetable gardens are not just about saving money, but they are also an art at cultivating food right in your home environment, by nurturing them right. Balcony gardens also perk up the space as greens are most welcome sight in any home. They also bring a sense of fulfillment that I have grown it, that it is a home produce.


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