Some great solutions for Indian Kitchens

Kitchens are places brimming and lively all through the day. The kitchen if unorganized can bring your entire day's operations to halt, imagine a situation where you have shifted to a new house and unpacked totally. It is therefore important to set your kitchen in the right way to be able to bring out the best and avoid the unease.

Kitchens in India have largely adapted to the modular format. Modular kitchens are compartmentalized for easy access, more storage and a tidy look. However, if you intend to design a kitchen these small tips and trick will come handy.

Platform Height

Indian fraternity is major of average height and therefore the kitchen platform comes adapted to a standard height. However, if your height is below or above average, the kitchen platform could be uncomfortable for you to work on. Kitchens are not regularly designed and therefore a one-time proper solution is mandatory. Get the very basics, your kitchen platform to adapt to your comfortable height.


Kitchen shelves and compartments should be further adapted to the size of vessels you have. Making a standard kitchen might leave your bigger vehicles out of storage.

Make smaller and detailed compartments for spoons, bowls, dustbin, and all the other necessities. Spoons ladles and masalas should be in easy reach. The ergonomics demand that this stuff is required for preparing every meal and should be in the easy reach of the cooking range.

Make ample space for storage of grocery if you are in a habit to stock stuff. You can leave an entire compartment to accommodate your grocery.


Appliances should either be kept on the countertop or tucked in below the platform and retrieved as and when required. Keeping appliances above the countertop will not be ergonomically feasible, especially if it a mixer-grinder a daily utility appliance.

Service platform

It is important to have a service platform in addition to the main platform for additional space utility. You can use the service platform to use your appliances on and off. It can also be used for cutting and cleaning vegetables and supplies.

The Cutlery

If you are lucky to be holding fine cutlery, you deserve a dedicated space for them. Make it look sophisticated and worth flaunting with glass chambers to hold them.


Onions and potatoes find a secret and sacred groove in every Indian kitchen. They are stored in bulk in every Indian home and therefore, space should be dedicatedly allotted for storing onions and potatoes.

Extra Storage

A kitchen will always be underutilized and needs to be planned properly. Make ample storage in countertops and lofts.


Ensure once your kitchen is ready, accommodate the stuff in a way that prompts you the first in-first out. This will ensure you do not stock things beyond the expiry dates and make for an organized way to store food.

Vessels and stuff not used regularly can also be stashed in the loft or places where they are out of everyday reach.


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