Furniture for your Balconies

Balconies are an extension to homes and the small spread of this land is your lens to the world outside. Balconies are seen in almost every kind of residential architecture and everyone’s favourite place at home. Balconies are in fact spaces that people would like to decorate in their own way, where they can relax and unwind looking at the world passing by.

While city multi-rises are not too lucky with balconies but just flowerbeds, nevertheless space can be creatively worked around to a comfortable relaxation zone with the right outdoor furniture.

Cane furniture

Cane furniture is the most rustic and elegant furniture with cushioned chairs and sofas that not only are comforting but also appealing. Throw in some planters and complete the rustic look and feel of your balcony. Cane furniture is very durable and can go on for decades.

Iron furniture

The wrought iron furniture is sleek and elegant and can be accommodated in smaller balconies. They bring a sophisticated appeal to your balcony and are easy to maintain.


Rattan woven chairs are durable and fit for outdoors. Bring in a chair and table combo to occupy your balcony space where you can lounge. Grab a coffee or sit and read in the comfort of your rattan chairs.


Wicker furniture is also used for outdoor furniture and comes in different shades. It is a weather-resistant material and can be clubbed with cushions for a comfortable sitting.

Swing Chair

If your balcony is big enough to accommodate a swing then go for it, otherwise, opt for a swing chair that takes minimal space. Crafted to comfort these swing chairs look sophisticated and ideal for any sitting area.

Indian Sitting

Some balconies can accommodate an Indian sitting arrangement that is lower than your sofa's length. Throw in some bolsters and cushions and you have an ideal set-up for gossip or a get-together.


Lucky are the ones who have sprawling balconies. Tie in a hammock and bring the best comfort in your own private outdoors.


Big balconies can also sport parasols (Big umbrellas) to sun shield. Make it a style statement by clubbing with the finest outdoor furniture.

Side tables

Throw any setups, but make sure to include a tea table to the décor. Newspapers or novels, tea or coffee, tables come handy to hold stuff.

Folding furniture

If your balcony is small and serves multi-utility for doing other errands, invest in sleek and folding furniture that you can open when needed.

Bigger Balconies

A lot can be explored in bigger and high-rise balconies where the pollution levels are less. Spreads and carpets, cushions and other upholstery can be combined with the outdoor furniture to bring an appealing style.


Get in the best outdoor furniture to decorate your balconies, sprinkle with planters and other artefacts, but ensure that your style is complemented by good lighting. Lighting changes the mood of the space and should be given careful consideration. Fairy lights or floor lights can set a good ambience for balcony lighting.


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