Four Interior Decor Mistakes And Their Quick Fixes

Home sweet home is a place that we often love decorating ourselves. Some people love the DIY way of decorating homes. And yet after planning, buying, and introducing some elements in the room, you might still feel the elements look out of place or do not form a balance. You might think that it all looks right, but only to an outsider or guests they might look amiss or imbalanced.

You might invest a lot in decorating your homes, but when you do the DIY way, not everything you choose might suit your style or décor or appear right in the frame of elements chosen and their display.

We are sharing here some important and small mistakes that one should avoid while decorating the home DIY way and some quick fixes.


Your furniture will bring out the best in your décor if do not follow certain norms:


In the conversation area, do not keep the couches too far or too near. People should not strain themselves through conversations. Also furniture touching the walls gives an impact of smaller spaces.


Leave enough room for the people to move along, ideally an armful of the distance between the different furniture pieces like the couch, chairs, and the coffee table. Place the furniture a couple of inches away from the wall in case there are space constraints. For larger spaces, special conversation zones can be created by placing furniture pieces together.


Light is the foremost element in any setup that might enhance or dull the effect of any space. Light when used right can create zones as well as set moods.


Too many lights might make the room too bright and raises the temperature. Lesser lights might create dark zones. Having a single and simple source of light might make the room look dull and boring.


Plan your lights before installing them. The best source of light is the natural ambient light that should be used exclusively. Having bigger windows that allow natural light should ideally be the main source. Install lights in different zones and corners to highlight them. Make use of different instalments like floor lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps or ceiling lights to create different effects and moods. You can also save on electricity this way, by keeping the lights only for the zone in use.


Curtains give a homely feel to any room and enhance the ambience.


Curtains that are too long or too short will look out of place.


The length and width of the curtains should be ideally decided before preparing them. For smaller length walls, ideally use curtains right from the ceiling line to give a sense of height. The length of the curtain should not touch the floor, as well as not too short to end at the windows sill. Keep the curtain rods as well as curtains five inches longer on both sides so you can have a full view of your open windows.


Accessories can bring life to your plain rooms. However, having the right accessories is also part of the deal. Do not clutter. Keep it simple. We discuss one accessory here - paintings.


A too-large painting for a small wall or a too-small painting for a large wall, imbalances the décor and looks out of place.


Ensure you use the right size of art piece depending on the size of the wall and ensure it goes well with your furniture and other elements in the room.


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