9 Interesting False Ceiling Ideas

Fancy an interesting ceiling? Interior Design just does not extend to the walls and décor, but can make your ceilings pretty interesting. Now bring an element of beauty through exquisitely designed false ceilings. POP is just an option of yesterday.

New houses, from now on will have a red runner pipe inside all the rooms for fire safety control. This is as per government regulations. Image your home designed to the best and the red pipe stealing the show. Its time your ceiling also deserves a makeover.

We bring you here some contemporary designs that you can opt for old as well as new beautiful homes.

Wood Magic

Wood usually brings a very classic feel when used as a piece of furniture or a wall mount. But, wood looks stylish and modern when used as a ceiling mount. Wood can be used to create amazing designs to complement your decor.

Lattice Designs

Intricately carved lattices backed by lights can bring an arty sense to the decor. Carved lattices are available in numerous designs. Lattices should not be overdone or it would ruin the entire décor.

POP Alcoves

POP has been the most accepted option for false ceilings before the trendier counterparts came to existence. Ceilings with POP can still be made more interesting by creating a sense of depth and layers. Multi-layered ceiling brings a sense of depth to an otherwise boring ceiling. Highlight the depths with the right set of lighting to create a virtually 3D effect.


A hanging ceiling, an extension to the fixed ceiling can be used to cover very high ceilings. The hanging ceilings can then be accentuated with hanging lights for making the ceiling appear shorter.

Geometric Designs

Make your homes look trendier with some geometrically designed ceilings. Geometric designs make space look very happening and are usually adapted in commercial spaces where the bigger spread of ceilings does much justice to the geometric patterns.

Inverted Cove

For tall ceilings, an inverted cove will give an illusion of low-height. Explore an inverted cove where ceilings are just too high. Commercial spaces like cafes and food joints can make the best use of an inverted cove ceiling added with an element of the right lighting.

Paint It Up

A splash of colours or a raging sunset, a blanket of stars or whatever your eyes want to see there, paint it all up there. Ancient gothic structures have resplendent paintings as a part of their ceilings. Paintings are not only to showcase but brings in a lot of character. It could cost a bomb to have art on your ceiling, but mind you can go on for ages.

Ceiling Partitions

Huge ceiling spaces can be bifurcated to create differentiated spaces. A combination of ceiling décor ideas can be adapted instead of just one spread throughout.

Hang the Elements

Cafes, restaurants and mall owners have gone to the next level and decorating their ceilings with the everyday elements. Don't be surprised to see woks, ladles, chairs and bikes as a part of the ceiling décor. It is after all in the interest of some fascinating displays.


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Inject colour, warmth and excitement into your living space with our latest collection of designs of sofas, TV units, coffee tables, beds, wardrobes and much more.

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