Easy vastu practices for your homes

Vastu is an endemic science very much of Indian origin and has been practised in our households in some or the other form since ages now. Vastu Shashtra is predominantly working with the direction of placement of objects as well as capturing the energies to make the best of Vastu (Home / Abode).

Vastu means our being, our shelter, the place we reside or work. The science of Vastu comes to enhance your living and working spaces by introducing some time-tested scientific practices that are meant to bring peace and wellbeing.

We can do some basic Vastu corrections at home for a better living. However, in certain cases, Vastu needs to be consulted for significant problems that cannot be solved in a DIY way. Vastu Shashtra is an exhaustive science and a deep dive would require involving a consultant to guide you through. However, some of the very easy and basic Vastu tips are listed here, that will surely bring a pleasant difference to your home.


The main door of the house is a passage to energy to the house. The main door should open inside. At least for some point through the day, leave the main door open this will not only bring positive energy but will also help ventilate the house. Make sure there is no obstacle or wall opposite your main door. Flood the passage outside the door with artificial light if there is no ambient source of light or darkness through the day.


Let the ambient light flow. Draw back the curtains and wash the house with the ambient light of the sun to bring in good health and prosperity. Make it a daily practice and see the difference in your Vastu.


Place glass containers filled with rock salt to ward off all the negative energy from the home. These glass containers can be kept in the corners of the home and should be visible. Salt lamps are also available if you want to make it look appealing.


Aquariums are live and engaging displays that bring positive energy, health and prosperity in the household.


Cascading water fountains or paintings with waterfalls are said to attract wealth success and prosperity.


Light an oil lamp and place it outside the main door along with lighted incense sticks. This creates an amicable aura at home. This has been an age-old practise in Indian homes and has significant reasons.


Bare walls signify negativity. Decorate your walls with pictures or paintings. Especially the wall opposite to the door entrance. Images or paintings depicting violence, negative thoughts and tragic situations should be avoided.


A big wall-length mirror in the dining area attracts wealth and prosperity.


The centre of the home should be free and not kept confined. The centre of the home should be a space where there is free flow of energy from all directions. This brings in positivity and prosperity in the home.


The clinking of the wind chimes is a welcome element in Vastu Shastra. Decorate your homes with wind chimes especially on the bedroom windows to avoid family clashes, if any.

Vastu Shashtra is a very deep-rooted science and comes with an exhaustive range of applications and result if applied right.


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