Dining Table Tops

Dining tables are a piece of utility for some homes, while for other it is a piece to flaunt. The purpose is to eat together with your family or to host parties and guests to a lavish spread. Depends on how and where you use your dining tables for there are a lot of options you can choose from.

If you check online or in any of the furniture stores you will come across default options to select from. If the purpose is only to eat food then the following could be good options:

Wooden Tabletop

Wooden top dining tables look classic and can ideally suit any set-up, but wooden top dining tables look good in spacious rooms. Decide where you want to place your table before buying it. Wooden top dining tables are durable across all seasons and could go on for decades.

Glass Tabletop

Glass top dining table look elegant and can sit comfortably with different types of decor- classic to contemporary. However, glass surface needs a round of cleaning every now and then and taken care of with homes having children.

The style statement variants in dining tabletops:

Epoxy Tabletop

Exquisitely crafted wooden boards are also used for a classic set-up. Wooden panels with epoxy lining are the latest in style. These creative masterpieces would definitely add a wow factor to your home decor.

Onyx Tabletop

Onyx is a tough stone and is crafted to a statement icon in interior styling. They are also referred as gems countertops. Onyx table tops come in huge variety and are heat and weather resistant.

Italian Marble

Italian marble is not just restricted to flooring now but can be adapted to your dining tabletops. Italian marble is a mark of luxury and comes in exclusive designs and color variants. Often used in huge and lavish dining rooms, Italian table tops are a mark of high-end designs and style statement. Easy to maintain and highly durable, this option is but a little heavy on pocket, yet will not fail to bring the luxury factor to your homes.

Indian Marble

White Indian Marble is an essence of pure and handcrafted exquisite work. Right from the ancient times, it is used as an element to showcase pride and elegance. The different landmark buildings in India including the Taj Mahal are an exquisite example of Indian Marble.

A home that flaunts Indian White Marble will be able to relate to its ultimate and essential purity and elegance. A little heavy as a table top, but Indian White Marble can be used across classic as well as contemporary interior styles.

Ceramic Tabletop

A wonderful and exquisite option is going the arty way and designing a dining table of your own. DIY style or not, yes, it is possible!! Bring in the artistic ceramic tiles and decorate your table top. You will be amazed at your own creation. This one of its kind dining table top will have no replicate anywhere and you can flaunt it as unique.

Explore the different dining tabletop options, but choose something that is practical on your pocket, maintenance and complementing to your home decor.


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