Decor Styles

Home decor is a style statement for many. Desirable space for all is home and to tastefully design it is a meaningful and exciting activity for many. So, while you are decorating your home the DIY way or through a professional interior decorator, you must be aware of the different decor style that might complement your taste.


Bringing an old worn-out look to spaces can be a skill in itself. It essentially comes through bringing the right furniture that speaks of a bygone era and peeling shades. Wood and stone are dominantly used in rustic decors, giving it dominantly a countryside house appeal. Rustic style also sports accessories that are associated with nature. The colour tone is calm and subtle only the accessories attract all the attention. Natural elements like bamboo baskets, fireplace, wood panelling, overhanging large lamps, wooden flooring and overall a cosy set-up is all rustic decor is about.


Industrial decor style can also be termed as the raw decor style. The style emphasizes on industrial style bare, unplastered walls, unfinished ceiling, dangling lights and fixtures and rustic accessories. Industrial decor style is a bold style statement not everyone can flaunt. It emphasizes the personality of the people and yet is comfortably livable space. Industrial decor style is more on the darker tones with colours and accessories that are meant to endure. The raw wood and metal finishes make it unprocessed, yet sporting a dominant style.


Modern decor is a very simple and sorted style that essentially brings out space with abstract styles and accessories. The modern decor style uses neutral colours and glass, metal and unique accessories to highlight spaces. Simple, uncluttered, sleek and sophisticated are the highlights of a modern decor.


Minimalist decor as the name states is using the minuscule amount of resources, yet capturing the functionality and need of the space. Minimalist decor is simple yet sophisticated and clean, Minimalist sports a modern decor, but crafted to non-cluttered existence.


Contemporary is a new thing. Whatever is trending, whatever is the taste of the time makes for a contemporary home decor. Contemporary decor can be explored to all variations and functionalities and yet make style statements. Contemporary boasts of a theme, a setup in itself. Contemporary and modern even brush shoulders, yet contemporary comes more dominating in terms of visual impact.

Sporting the latest trending fad as accessories, parking your bike in the living room because it creates a style statement, from esoteric concepts to bright colours and walls. Contemporary is a mix and match of styles and could be best adapted to a DIY style.


Bohemian is a very simple and colourfully pleasing decor style. The style plays around neutral colours especially white for the walls and upholstery and playing bright and colourful on the accessories. Bohemian style is about rugs and wall hangings and beads and classic grandma spreads.

Home decor is all about comfort and functionality and therefore should be simple and convenient even if you plan to explore any of the decor styles.


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