Deciding Acrylic Or Laminates For Your Kitchen

If you are very fascinated with the idea of giving a new look to your kitchen cabinets and have been wondering what would make your kitchen look best, here are a few tips you can consider.

The kitchen cabinets are all about durability first. The product should also be fire-resistant, easy to maintain and should carry a visual appeal.

Today if we search for kitchen cabinets, we might get a lot of interesting information, sometimes so much information that you might be confused. We are therefore collating for you here the two possible materials- Laminates and Acrylic that can go well in your kitchen and differentiate the two for ease of maintenance and functionality.

Both laminates and acrylics can be adapted to a contemporary, chic, or regular look to your kitchen cabinets, all we must see is how they fare under the different parameters while being used in the kitchen.


Laminates are decorative sheets bonded with resins. They come in huge varieties and available in glossy, matt, textured and solid colours. They are utilised by pasting on MDF or plywood for creating an appealing look and design.


Acrylics are available in sheet form which is pasted on the MDF board and then sealed with a protective layer to offer a seamless finish. They are available in vibrant colours and known for their glossy appeal. The best thing about them is they can retain their colour and brightness over the years and therefore much sought.

The different conditions under which acrylic and laminates perform are:


Laminates are available in glossy and matt finishes. Even the highly glossy surface looks subdued as compared to the sheen of an Acrylic sheet.

Acrylics are highly glossy mirror-like surfaces and very attractive and sophisticated in appearance.


Laminates are durable and lost-lasting. However, their surface might fade with time and have wear and tear like scratches and deep stains.

Acrylics are highly durable and can sustain heat and light.


Laminates are easy to maintain, clean and adjust well to heat and moisture in the kitchen. The lighter ones need to be well maintained and cleaned from time to time to ensure it does not develop deep stains. Laminates can develop scratches due to sharp objects and can also chip off.

Acrylics also adjust well to heat and moisture. As they are extra glossy, they show off stains very distinctly. It is therefore important to clean them regularly. Acrylics can develop scratches but with very sharp objects.


Laminates are cost-effective and available in different cost brackets.

Acrylics are premium products and are distinctly costlier as compared to Laminates.


Laminates are repairable after years but finding the right shade and texture can be a challenge.

Acrylic sheets are also repairable after years, just that there are chances of shade and texture disparities.

The above distinction should be able to give you a good insight to make the right decision on choosing acrylics or laminates for your kitchen.

You can also opt for a combination and make your kitchen appear distinctly different.


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